A diverse equipment list is what makes Krenz Krist a one-stop shop for all your production machining needs. If it's high volume you need, we have 2 rotary transfer machines and 24 multi-spindle screw machines. For medium to low volume we have 10 single-spindle screw machines and 6 CNC turning centers. Finally, for milling and secondary work we have 8 CNC milling and drilling centers. Our in-house tooling department, equipped with a wire EDM, will insure shorter lead-times. Below you will find a complete equipment list with pictures you can enlarge.

24 Multi-spindle Screw Machines - Capacity to 2 5/8"
Machines are rotated through our in-house rebuilding department to insure high quality parts are always being produced.
2 Rotary Transfer Machines - Capacity to 1"
These high volume machines are capable of producing complex parts to close tolerances.
10 Single-spindle screw Machines - Capacity to 2 3/8"
We have fitted our Brown & Sharpe's with ServocamsĀ® that dramatically reduce cycle times and eliminates the need for cams.
1 Twin Turret CNC Turning Center - Capacity to 2 .6" bar/ 8" chuck
True four-axis machining plus full C-axis capability and live tooling on both the main and counter spindles. This machine will produce extremely complex parts with high precision in one operation.
4 Two Axis CNC Turning Machines - Capacity to 2 Ā½" bar/ 8" chuck
Our machine replacement program insures we are using the latest technologies. Three of these four machines were purchased after 2000.
1 Five Axis CNC Turning Center - Capacity to 2 3/8"
With its live tooling and back-working capability this machine will produce complex parts in one operation.
8 CNC Milling Centers
Our latest addition, purchased in 2008, is a 5 axis milling center designed for producing complex parts in as few operations as possible.
4 Custom Built Secondary Machines
We can build customized secondary machines specific to your part.
1 Wire EDM Machine
Used primarily to produce our own cutting tools but it is available to run production parts as well.
Numerous other conventional equipment including honing, grinding, production milling, and deburring.
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